Thursday, May 17, 2007

Honey & Thyme Baked Pineapple

The pawpaw ravioli is supposed to be the highlight of this dessert. I was inspired by Michel Roux's take on raviolis in his Finest Desserts recipe book. However, the raviolis proved to be too much for the palate and you end up feeling full before you dig into the pineapple. So, the pineapple became the focus while retaining the unique qualities of the pawpaw ravioli. This provides a tropically-refreshing end to a three-course meal.
This recipe was designed for Fiji's Tourism Exchange which is an annual undertaking of the government. I asked myself: "Why don't we tap the local produce?" - I and my Executive Chef share the same passion.


SteamyKitchen said...

the colors are stunning. what does pawpaw taste like?

Chef Wing said...

Hi Jaden,

Thanks for dropping by.

Pawpaw is more commonly known as Papaya in Asian countries. It has a yellow to deep orange flesh. It has a smooth, creamy and sweet taste (not a hint of sourness at all). I am sure you have already seen or tasted this when you were growing up in Hong Kong.

I so much wanted to use the word papaya but the fijians, aussies and kiwis are more accustomed to "pawpaw".