Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mango-Peach Samosa, Walnut-Cardamom Ice Cream & Bitter Chocolate Sauce

I was going crazy over the peach-mango pie of Jollibee when I was still in college. When I tasted the Samosas here in Fiji, it reminded me of my old favorite and thought that I could make use of the Indian delicacy to compose my new dessert.

Voila! This new dessert was born and the Executive Chef was too pleased to see it materialized in our signature restaurant.

I took more bold steps further by:

1.) Adding masala into the mango-peach filling.

2.) Making a walnut-cardamom ice cream.

3.) Adding a "dash" of turmeric on the plate.

The result is just fabulous! Flavors just come alive!

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