Saturday, February 02, 2008

Soursop Mist Chiboust & Kaffir Lime Center

The Fiji Toursim Awards will be held in Sofitel Hotel for the second time around. We have been more than ecstatic to showcase local flavors in our food this time. As such, one of the desserts I have developed is made of soursop.

Soursop can be easily found in temperate regions like Asia and the South Pacific. It has a full sour and creamy flavor unlike its citrus cousins. It is prickly on the outside.

The soursop base for this wonderfully gossamer chiboust recipe has a slight hint of durian sans the pungent odor. To strengthen its flavor, apple juice has been added into the mix. In the center is a kaffir lime curd made by cooking together egg yolks, butter, sugar, lime juice and crushed kaffir lime leaves. It definitely produced a strong sour-bitter note!

Sugar garnish and a rosette of whipped creme finish this Fijian dessert.

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