Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mango - three ways

Our regional vice president is on holiday in Fiji and during their last stay I prepared a tropical dessert done in three ways. I have read much about how well-experienced pastry chefs approach their creations - keeping the elements to a few, simplifying and creating a good contrast.

Since mango is a common tropical fruit in this part of the world, I have developed a mango-based dessert done three ways:

1.) Mango napoleon layered in between discs of dark chocolate dotted with ground chillies (giving it a slight kick). The mango is prepared using the chiboust recipe - the reason? the dessert has to stay light/airy otherwise it will be too filling. The topping is a simple mango glacage.

2.) Chili Mango Ensalada - this mango salad is made up of a few ingredients producing a salty-sweet-spicy flavor: wasabi, soy sauce, salt, sugar syrup, chili powder and roasted cashew nuts.

3.) Mango-Kaffir Lime Shooter - mango and lime juice are mixed together and infused in a few pieces of crushed kaffir lime leaves giving it a slight bitterness. This sets the final tone of the composition with its strong sour-bitter kick. Before it is served, a small amount of cream froth is laced on top of the shooter creating a slow progression of its strength. I NEED THE KICK IN THE END!

It is truly a wonderful composition!

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