Monday, February 04, 2008

Pineapple Samosas & Pandan Ice Cream

Cinnamon-sweet and crisp on the outside, succulent and tart in the inside! That best describes this pretty straightforward dessert coupled with a delectable scoop of pandan ice cream. The secret to making a very crisp samosa is in the spring roll pastry itself. Buy those that are thicker and have more rice flour than extenders. Of course, you would only know by trial and error. The pineapple filling is also prepared using fine Fiji vanilla bean lending a more refined taste.

This dessert is part of the 2008 Fiji Tourism Awards menu.

Pineapple-Vanilla Filling:


Puff Pastry

500g Pineapple, diced
125g Pineapple Juice, fresh
1 Tbsp Lemon Juice
¼ pc. Vanilla Bean, split
40g Water, cold
15g Custard Powder
100g Sugar
1 pinch Salt
15g Butter


Boil the pineapple juice with the vanilla bean. Mix the water and custard powder. Pour mixture into boiling juice and cook until clear and thickened.

Add sugar, salt, and butter. Stir until dissolved.

Pour the thickened juice over the diced pineapples and mix gently.

Chill until set.


nicisme said...

These samosas are brilliant! I have enjoyed seeing all your creations - thanks for sharing!

Nouel C. Omamalin said...

It is my pleasure and please do come back for more new creations. Thanks for dropping by!