Sunday, February 17, 2008

Over a decade of Cake Decorating

I started learning decorating cakes at the age of 14.

My medium was boiled icing and influenced mostly by the American method. My first few books then were Wilton and the intricate royal icing lacework was the IN thing. I would make roses, lilies and other flowers out of royal icing. Gumpaste decorative materials were very new at that time and access to pre-made flowers wasn't within reach. We would have to make a special trip to a place that is many miles away (45 minutes by plane and 10 hours by boat) to buy special decorative materials when we have an expensive wedding cake order.

I was a lousy cake decorator. My sister easily runs out patience as she watches me play around with colors that do not match. The cake turned out like a lousy dressed child.

However, cake decorating became an integral part of my artistry. I have progressed to become comfortable using different media: fondant, buttercream, royal icing and gumpaste. I also put other elements onto the cake like fresh fruits or flowers. My approach is simple - or call it understated elegance. I do have a bit of whimsical tendencies when the energy is strong on that day. It is fun to experiment (and for as long as the client is okay with it).

It boils down again to what the customer or guest wants.

Today, I will have a fun activity decorating a christening cake laced with gold ribbons and stars. I will post the end result later in the day.

Above are a few of my favorite wedding and birthday cakes.

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