Friday, February 15, 2008

Is it US or the UNIVERSE?

This is my first post on a very personal level.

The chef speaks of his beliefs and shares his thoughts about life in general and career in the culinary industry.

For whatever that happens in our life, is it US or the UNIVERSE that will bring this upon?

Since I was growing up, I didn't believe I could make it this far. I wasn't performing well in school while my brothers and sisters came home with gold medals and certificates. Everyone in town talks highly about them. To make matters worse, I had difficulties understanding complex concepts especially in Math. My father's patience would easily run dry. I believed I was a misfit in the family and shouldn't have existed at all.

I can't exactly remember when but at some point in high school I started shining. I realized that I could write well, speak well and do beautiful artworks. Most importantly, I found out that I was following my mom's footsteps - the calling of a baker and entrepreneur. I graduated fourth place in my batch and desired to become a pastry chef.

In college, I have met a very inspiring woman by the name of Belinda. She was my adviser and was an extraordinary teacher. Everything she taught us I digested every molecule of it. One of the most important teachings I learned was about how dreams empower us to become who we want to be. I started to write down my goals in a piece of paper. I wrote a few things: to go abroad, run my own business and buy a house. I was 21 then.

About a year after graduation I was running our family's bakery. That marked the start of my continued success. I kept dreaming bigger and listing down more things I wanted to have. Five years after, I found out that I was already on board a flight bound to Dubai for a much-coveted role in the world-famous first seven-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab. Being the only Filipino chef in the large pastry team for over 8 months, the challenge was enormous. But my dream kept me alive.

Another year unfolded and I was offered the role of Head Pastry Chef of a prestigious French hotel chain, the Sofitel Hotel.

Just imagine how soon I reached this position - a sweeping three years. It used to be just a scribble but now it is a reality. And along with that, I have owned a house at the age of 30. All dreams achieved either on time or way earlier than I expected.

Dreams empower us. It is free for all.

HOW does a dream realize our goals? One thing I am aware of is that it makes us attract those things that make things happen. I can't exactly explain why but I have invited very good opportunities and influential people right at my doorstep with very little effort. But there is a film shared to me by a colleague that would explain it all. It is called The Secret. True enough, the philosophy they embraced is so similar to mine. I just didn't know then how to put all the concepts into one solid piece. It is called the law of attraction. Yes, the one discussed in our science classes.

I am not paid or anything for mentioning The Secret but I tell you I am a product of it!

The secret to life's success is bringing together our thoughts and feelings, believing in them and letting the universe take its course.


Anonymous said...

very inspirational. libre nga mangarap but not a lot of us can make these dreams work like you! mabuhay ka..! (found your post on

Nouel C. Omamalin said...

Thanks anonymous. Always remember that we all aspire for different dreams - some are bigger, some are smaller. What is important is it gives us great JOY. There are many Filipinos who have made it big but have not told their stories. As a current example, what about this guy Mr. Lapuz in American Idol? He was a driver back in the Philippines. But he dreamt of something and made something out of it. The moment we stop aspiring, the future won't guarantee us anything.

kulai said...

amen bro!

That's what I do when looking for a solution to a problem or looking for ways to achieve a goal.

:) the million thing haven't just came up yet on me but I did write that on paper. hehehe!