Friday, February 15, 2008

La Vie En Rose

Valentine's Day has been very special although I didn't have someone to share it with.

I created a masterpiece that reflected the nuances of Lenotre and my signature rule-breaking approach.

I very much like the gossamer and creamy texture of the berry mousse. That is I believe the highlight of this dessert. The mousse is lightly infused in lemongrass to add a different dimension to an already familiar flavor.

The rest of the components are comprised of the following:

1.) Stewed strawberries with mint and balsamic vinegar - the lemongrass serves as a straw and stirrer
2.) Sage-infused creme anglaise rouge
3.) Rose petal ice cream in dark chocolate cup

Light, complementary and satisfying - that is a piece of work!


Riikka said...

Another piece of art! You make the most beautiful plated desserts I've ever seen. I study to become a chef, and your work gives me great inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

Nouel C. Omamalin said...

Hi Riikka! Thanks very much for the wonderful comments and for being an inspiration to you. It is through people like you who have been touched by my creations that keep me aiming higher. Life is art!