Thursday, August 30, 2007

La Vie en Rose

I was inspired by the red color when I conceptualized this dessert. Why not splash it all with a blush?

This is made of several items, namely:
1.) Caramelized Strawberries - gently sauteed in clarified butter and caramelized sugar.
2.) Vanilla-scented Red Wine Reduction - the sweet and sour combination brings out the strawberries' flavor. Balsamic vinegar also goes along well with strawberries.
3.) Rose Petal Jelly - a light hint of rose to soften the acidity of the berries.
4.) Strawberry Coulis - hightens the flavor.
5.) Strawberry Ice Cream - balances off the warm strawberries.

I have high hopes for good reviews on this novelty.


Hillary said...

WHAT a picture! I love the height of the pink shard coming out of the top. So professional....was this made at a restaurant?

Chef Wing said...

Bula Hillary!

Thanks for your comment.

Yes, this was conceptualized for Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa's signature restaurant "V". We had a VIP celebrating their 45th Wedding Anniversary so I whipped something special for them.

I am working as Sofitel's pastry chef.

ez-eater said...

this looks amazing! how did you make the rose petal jelly? and is the shard sugar...did u use food colouring?

Chef Wing said...

Hey there ez-eater!

The rose petal jelly is pretty much straightforward: water, sugar, gelatine, food color and, of course, rose petal flavor. But here is the trick - the rose petal flavor is a rose petal jam from India. It is very strong and concentrated. I use it to make rose petal ice cream, too.

The sugar garnish has been colored with a color paste and I used Isomalt sugar (being less hygroscopic and can withstand the tropical island humdity better).

Thanks for the wonderful comment!

Our VIP couple loved it and made their stay trully memorable. They are very well-traveled, hence, the challenge was really difficult.