Thursday, February 22, 2007

Valentine Chocolate Wrap

This was a last minute project for Valentine's Day.

It is very challenging to work with chocolate in a hot environment like Fiji. I ended up wrapping a coconut-pecan topped fudge cake with couverture chocolate molded into a pouch. The petals are real and made from organic roses lightly dusted with caster sugar and left to dry.


Bula Girl said...

It looks divine!! Your partner must love you...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bula Girl!

I have read your blog and now I figured out why it is Bula Girl. How long have you two been together? Well, I believe your bula guy has a well toned body unlike most Fijians who are "hefty" - if you know what I mean. But having been here for some time I believe it is in their nature to be super friendly to anyone.

Anyway, thanks for the wonderful comment!

JeliC said...

Hello! your photos are very nice!

that let me feeling newness!

I like it!

by the way
I come from Taiwan!
and I'm a pestry chef,too

Chef Wing said...

Hi Jelic!

Thanks for the nice comment. Maybe you can correspond and help each other out? you may email me at

Enjoy the New Year!