Friday, February 22, 2008

Bittersweet Chocolate, Grand Marnier Caramel Cloud & Vandra Tea Jelly

What an exciting day creating this new dish that is loaded with flavors of chocolate, grand marnier, orange and vandra tea.

The portion size and fusion of contrasting flavors are just right to end a sumptuous meal. It is neither filling nor overwhelming.

One of the unusual twists of this dessert is the transparent vandra tea jelly resembling a see-through ravioli. It gives a slight tang on the palate.

I find this as a true work of art.


Middle item - a base of decadent chocolate cake topped with light grand marnier diplomat cream and finished with fresh orange segments. The covering is made of dark couverture chocolate formed into a web-like structure.

The sauces around the middle item are made up of orange coulis and chocolate sauce with a few pieces of candied orange zest.

Of course, the green vandra jelly creates an exciting finishing touch with a segment of orange sandwiched in between.

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