Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mon Macaron!!!

If there is anything that would separate a good pastry chef from a mediocre one, french macaron would draw the line.

Alas! After a painstaking research and trial-and-errors I finally hit the macaron on its head.

There is nothing like a crisp crust and a soft crumb that gradually dissolve into the buttercream filling as you take a bite.

Heavenly! Divine! Those are the words that they describe of my macaron.

On my list:

Feijoa Mac, Pawpaw-Malibu Mac and Creme de Cassis Mac


Anonymous said...

Hello Chef, I was wondering how the wages are in Fiji compared with yourself and other native Fijians who work in your kitchen? I heard from ones working on the islands earn very little compared with westerners? Is this true with the resorts like Denarau?

Chef Wing said...

Expats do earn more than the local hires. It has to do with international exposure. It is not surprising because it happens anywhere in the globe. The more experience you got the better your salary is.