Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Macarons au sucre cuit

In the Burj Al Arab, we take so much trouble to make the macarons. So many steps are involved. But there is one single element in the process that stabilizes the meringue - cooked sugar!

I have noticed more foot on the macaron using cooked sugar as you can see above.


faye said...

macarons! i love macarons!

hello there my friend! wish we can go there in fiji to sample your delectable desserts!

may you continuously have the time of your life!

Chef Wing said...

Hi Faye!

Thanks so much for dropping by. Well, our doors are wide open for you should you come and spend a holiday here.

I also wish you the best.

See you when I get home.

God bless!

foodesign said...

Thanks for sharing this! You make your kababayans proud with your amazing talent as a pastry chef! Wish I can make macarons also but I read that they're very tricky to make so I'm a bit anxious to try, but when I finally do, I'll definitely need more tips from you. More success to you & looking fwd to more pastry/cake pictures and tips!

Chef Wing said...

Thanks very much for dropping by. It is really rewarding when someone finds my craft good enough. I may be one of those Pinoys who want to leave a good name for our kababayans. We are world-class!

Thanks and it is inspiring.