Monday, May 21, 2007

Berries & Berries!

The beautiful Burj Al Arab (BAA) has been one of the most important achievements in my career and probably in my lifetime as a pastry artist.

There you will learn the world LUXURY in all its essence. The sky is your limit.

Since I moved to Fiji, I can't help reliving my experience in the BAA for many reasons. One of those reasons would be the abundance of berries.

Berries add a very classy and colorful touch to any dessert. Here, you will find two samples of the desserts that I plate in the BAA for our signature restaurant - Al Mahara (used to be among the top 5 restaurants in the world before El Bulli, The French Laundry and Fat Duck stomped it farther down).

This is a Dessert Assiete that we serve during functions. See how the berries make this composition come alive.

In Fiji, you can only get fresh strawberries and the rest come frozen.

I call it "Mahara Ball" - they call it 100% Chocolate. There is more than what meets your eye. A hot earl grea tea-infused chocolate sauce is poured on top of the chocolate before the guest and the ball gingerly reveals its hidden secret.

It is an awesome concept of our Executive Pastry Chef Felix Schmid.


><( ;> said...

hello again chef wing,

what's inside the mahara ball? please tell :D

i am fawning over this piece like i don't know what chocolate tastes like. it sure looks sinful.

Chef Wing said...


Welcome back.

It is filled with four components:

1.) Chocolate Crumble
2.) Manjari Mousse (of course, Valrhona!!)
3.) Fresh raspberries, and
4.) Croquant

This dessert has been our official entry in competitions worldwide.

Does it make you drool now?