Monday, May 11, 2009

Maldivian Delights

Kuredu and Komandoo Island Resorts have provided a unique opportunity to be hands-on while having the luxury of time to develop or test recipes. With the slow-paced and laid-back lifestyle, it has become easy to take the pastry team to the next level. There are no banquets in these resorts. The focus is on buffet and ala carte restaurants. Easy job!

I went back to basics knowing that we are literally feeding up to 800 guests at any given meal period. Basic meaning desserts that guests have always loved in their childhood. A simple cheesecake, banofi pie or chocolate cake is enough as long as it is done extremely well.

In as little as a week I have slowly won the nod of the management of what i can bring to the table. So far, they were all happy with my creations.

Anyhow, it still remains a big mystery to me how many of us, chefs, seem to miss the raison d’etre of any food preparation: TASTE.

I reckon we must be too consumed with trying to keep up with the modern world getting wacky with the menu. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with mixing the old and new, one must know what he is doing. Does the end result create that feeling of excitement and satiation? I believe we must have gone misled with the idea of modern vis-a-vis tasteful desserts. After all, most of the revolutionary ideas end up as a fad. People will always look for that kind of taste that is nothing but real and good.

Below are some of the items I have developed for Kuredu Island Resort.

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