Sunday, November 30, 2008

Few more HURRAHS!

Happiness and confidence are essential fuels of inspiration and creativity.

With the clock ticking down, I spent more time training my staff and letting out what I've got to show them my passion. Looking back, if I were this happy and inspired things would have been different. But time lost is lost forever.

There is always a future for all of us. Anticipating a brighter side ahead of me, I composed several desserts for our December collection. I am pleased to share a few of my creations:

Mandarin Orange Ensemble

Cookie Monster Cake: Crushed oreos and cream galore!

Decadent Chocolate Entremet

Blondie Cake for the caramel lovers

Bratapfel Moderne: a modern twist to a traditional German Christmas dessert

Detail of the chocolate piece for the engagement cake.

An engagement cake for one of our clients.

My beloved rocky road cake is loaded with mini marshmallows and nuts.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Chef Nouel!

Great work & ideas and thanks for sharing them with us!

Yes, the clock is ticking Chef Nouel! We can not change the past, however; we learn from the past which gives us the determination and wisdom to reach for a brighter future!

Best regards,

palma tayona said...