Saturday, June 14, 2008


Working on our VIP Amenities is like a mind-twisting game.

Riding on the waves of a very up-market and truly word class hotel is big business for me. I feel too proud to be part of the team but at the same time a little daunting due to the high expectations from the top and the public at large.

The mountain to climb is high and steep....i need more than a piece of rope. I need more than will power. I need miracles to happen sometimes.

Of course, if I pull it off so well I will soar high. This a vehicle to push me farther and farther. I have to do it right all the time. That is the reality of anyone's passion. Pursue and persevere while you can!

As I write this post, I remember my friend, Hiromi, who is somewhere down on the other end of world. She takes care of our room amenities in my previous hotel and she always asks for cool ideas. H, if you read this then my sharing the things below are going to either make you angry or excite you:

I call 'em energy beanies because of the really bitter and strong coffee candies and 45% dark chocolate blocks that fill this fancy portable ashtray cum candy holder. It's the coolest thing on earth!
My old time favorite chewy cookies
This looks like your grandma's pill bottles but they are actually for another purpose but I used them to store my tropical pate de fruit
These are small brownies packed in a plastic container. They come in several flavors. Just another way of playing around with stuffs in the kitchen
Instead of putting the fruits together in a bowl, I put each separately and provided a small container of mixed berries
So far everyone's favorite from the GM to our Executive Chef. This metal sphere contains jelly beans. All you need to do is lightly tap the cover from one side to break it open.
I think this looks fantastic. The idea is to incorporate a modern arrangement of food items on the plate instead of putting them into a container. I am still thinking if I should make a maze out of the mallows and nougatines to make it more fun - that is what our GM is seeking for
A plate of two things: a measuring cup filled with fruits and berries and a shot glass filled with minted yoghurt. Just dip it in! Sweet canapes? Rocky road in shot glasses.


cakezone said...

are these your original look like a

aptronym said...

I love the VIP items!! Especially the container for the chewy cookies. How frequently do you have to keep on thinking up new ideas? Do you get VIPs who want something that they had on a previous occasion?

palma tayona said...

I do love, love, love the Tapping Jelly Beans. it's like tapping into a genie bottle. What a delightful treat it is! :-)

I loooove your ideas. :-)