Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dessert Finale!

My work in Sofitel Fiji has finally come to an end. However, it also marks a new beginning for my staffs with this last installment of desserts created for our two ala carte restaurants.

Here is hoping that the new dessert menu will live up to the new Sofitel standards: simple, elegant, contemporary. It is really a big challenge to come up with something very different owing to the fact that important ingredients are expensive to import. Nevertheless, obstacles like this bring out the best in every person. In fact, it makes one very crafty!

Above is a bush lemon tart served with tropical fruits. Refreshing is the word I had in mind when I created this piece. Who wouldn't want a smooth and light finale in this tropical place?

The second one is a creme caramel scented with pandan. This is intended for our al fresco restaurant, SALT, which recently won the Restaurant of the Year award. Creamy and fruity! It is meant to be that way.

The last dessert is a combination of paw paw panna cotta, slices of fresh paw paw and piles of orange segments sitting on a chocolate tuile basket. Again, it is to give a light and refreshing finish. I am moving away from heavy compositions as they end up only half-consumed.

Cheers to my bakery and pastry staffs!


Anonymous said...

great work.. hope i culd be lyk u..

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Very nice indeed...& so refreshing. You look like you really enjoy what you're doing! Wish I could train under you! All the very best to you always...